Whoever said that they’re not excited for the soon-to-be-opened Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi is either lying or probably doesn’t know about it. We can forgive the latter for their ignorance, but the former is inexcusable. Whoever knows about the theme park has been itching for the day it opens and, now that Ferrari has given us "the" day of reckoning (October 28, 2010), our anticipation and excitement has jumped tenfold.

According to Ferrari, the new indoor theme park "will pay tribute to the passion, excellence, performance, and technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents today.

And just to give us all a taste of what we’re in store for, Ferrari has just presented a walk-through video of Ferrari World showing us exactly what we can find and look forward to under that humongous starfish-looking roof, which, in case you didn’t know, sports the largest Ferrari logo in the world.


Source: Ferrari

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  (504) posted on 05.17.2010

cool place... I bet this will be include to the 7 wonders of the world when they finish it.

  (808) posted on 05.16.2010

Welcome to the Largest Indoor Theme Park in the world. I hope I can pay a visit on it once my sister is transferred to abu dhabi.

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