Ferrari’s Electrification Plans: Go Big or Go home

Ferrari essentially has until 2035 to get its EV act together

It is official; electric cars are here on everyone’s minds, and they are not going anywhere unless advancements are made in hydrogen, but that is not looking like it will happen anytime soon. The final sign of this fact is going to arrive on June 16 as Ferrari will give us all the nitty-gritty details of their step into the electric supercar and super-SUV market in a press briefing. The short story, however, is that Ferrari recently bought up land near their fabled Maranello factory with the plans to build a third production facility to focus on electric motors, EV batteries, and the development of future hybrid models.

Ferrari’s Shift to Electrification

Ferrari's Electrification Plans: Go Big or Go home
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From the time GM released their first mas-market EV, 2010, until they go full EV in 2035, 25 years will have passed.

Ferrari CEO, Benedetto Vigna, will more than likely be the one to give the majority of the information on the future of the company’s EV endeavors, at least for the next four years, and the specific details behind the new factory. Ever since Vigna took office as the head of the prancing horse on June 9, 2021, he has brought in several new executives, nearly all of which come from his former employer.

This has played a major part in significant company restructuring, including the recent partnership with Qualcomm Inc., which is known for making processor chips for smartphones to ramp up Ferrari’s digital gauge and infotainment game. All of this business activity should not come as too much of a surprise as we have seen Ferrari slowly but surely transform from a car company into more of a brand image company over the years.

What else is going on with Ferrari?

Ferrari's Electrification Plans: Go Big or Go home
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By the time Ferrari gets on the EV train other manufacturers will be far along on their EV game.

We know about the upcoming Purosangue SUV, which will almost certainly use one of Ferrari’s existing powertrains. There’s no word yet on which one, but expect either the twin-turbo hybrid V-6 out of the 296 GTB, the twin-turbo V-8 out of the old F8, or hopefully the V-12 from the 812.

Ferrari has said they will not produce their first electric car until 2025. That is about the same time other manufacturers will have already ramped up production and will be no more than ten years away from solely producing electric cars. To put it into perspective, General Motors wants to be strictly selling EVs by 2035, and they launched their first mass-produced EV, the Volt, back in 2010.

Technology and the industry have progressed since then, so development will not take as long, but it may be 2040 by the time Ferrari goes all-EV. Ferrari has also not given themselves much room for error, as Italy is expected to outlaw the sale of new ICE cars by 2035, as is the U.S.A.

Source: Bloomberg

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