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Ferrari is burning the midnight oil, coming up with plans for the next couple of years. We already know we’ll be seeing the Spyder version of the 458 Italia at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but it looks like future plans will produce a few other models to clean and freshen up the Italian automaker’s lineup.

The 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder will be powered by the same engine as the coupe while a retractable hard top will replace the canvas top offered on the 430 Spider - the model it replaces. Ferrari will be jazzing up the variants for this model in 2013 with a 458 Scuderia, followed by a refreshed model in 2014.

The first vehicle to follow the 458 Italia Spyder will be the replacement for the 599 GTB, codenamed the F152, which will make its world debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be a two-seat coupe with rear drive and a direct-injection V-12 longitudinal engine mounted in the front. Sales on the US market will begin by the end of 2012.

After the 599 GTB’s replacement has its time to shine, Ferrari will be readying up the successor for the Enzo, which will also debut in 2012. This vehicle will be an all-carbon fiber model powered by a new, normally aspirated V-12. It will herald weight-reduction and fuel-saving technologies that Ferrari plans to adapt to its entire range by the end of decade.

When 2013 hits, Ferrari will be ready with facelift versions for the California and the 458 Scuderia as well. This is where Ferrari’s revealed plans end, but we’ll keep digging to find out more so stay tuned!


Source: Automotive News

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  (369) posted on 08.10.2011

Yeah. They are really into super cars. The possible bad thing to happen on this one is that they cannot be able to focus on other versions. Well, if they had a lot of staffs which will focus on that, they must be great too just like what the pioneers of Ferrari done.

  (728) posted on 08.9.2011

I notice that Ferrari is now into a V12 engine. What should we expect, most of their cars are super cars. By the way, there are lots of upcoming vehicles for Ferrari. Well, it really proves that their production is a big hit.

  (287) posted on 08.9.2011

The weight reduction for a car means higher engine performance and speedy vehicle! Well, I guess it’s a bonus that the car offers better fuel economy as well.

  (399) posted on 08.9.2011

If not mistaken the Spyder version of the 458 Italia would be reveal next year. Well, I’m glad that Ferrari finally set their plan for the future production. I can’t wait for the speed performance of the v12 engine here.

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