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Ferrari has long prided itself on offering the finest driving machines around, and for years, the formula was quite simple - engine in the middle, power at the back, sharp suspension in the corners, and lots of wing at both ends. Now, however, as new technology finds its way into the performance sector, the Prancing Horse has been forced to adapt, which means the adoption of stuff like hybrid powerplants. And as it turns out, electrified assistance will become a major part of Ferrari’s offerings in just a few short years, starting with an upcoming V-8 supercar.

Creating A New Breed Of Ferrari

During a recent earnings call, Louis Camilleri, Ferrari’s current CEO, confirmed that the brand will debut a new hybrid supercar sometime this year, as reported by Automotive News. What’s more, the outlet also reports that the hybrid will come with more output than the 488 Pista, which means a figure over 710 horsepower. The new hybrid supercar will once again use Ferrari’s tried-and-true mid-engine layout, with a V-8 onboard for the internal combustion, and a single electric motor for the extra go.

Interestingly, the new hybrid supercar will fall under a new full-fledged high-volume nameplate, as opposed to a limited edition model like the LaFerrari.

Unfortunately, the new hybrid supercar won’t arrive in time for the Geneva Motor Show in March, but it should debut sometime later this year with delivery expected by early 2020.

As for where and when the new Ferrari will finally make its appearance, well it’s hard to say. The Geneva Auto Show is the most obvious place, but with that out, we think a high-end motoring event like the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy this coming May might fit the bill, as would the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California this August.

Ferrar’s Tech Takes A Step Forward

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Exterior AutoShow
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Note: Ferrari LaFerrari pictured here.

Hybrid power in a Ferrari is actually nothing new, as the Prancing Horse first dipped its toe into the world of electrified powertrains a few years back with the LaFerrari halo machine.

To help the brand break new ground with its range of production vehicles, the LaFerrari came equipped with a streetified version of Ferrari’s HY-KERS Formula 1 racing technology, thus creating one of the most impressive streetcars to ever wear the badge - and that’s no small feat.

As such, we believe this new V-8 supercar will most likely offer an evolution of the LaFerrari’s hybrid system.

It’s well-timed, as Ferrari has said previously that it will offer hybrid variants for more than half of its lineup by 2022, as well as offer an all-electric vehicle sometime within the same timeframe.

What’s more, Ferrari is working on its first SUV model as well, which will no doubt benefit from the brand’s foray into electrification.

Going hybrid is an interesting move for Ferrari, as it allows for more power and greater efficiency without going turbo. Indeed, with a hybrid naturally aspirated powerplant, drivers will still get a sharp throttle response, sky-high redline, and an uncorked exhaust note, all of which are characteristics that Ferrari considers critical to its brand perception.

As hybrids become a more regular thing for Ferrari, this upcoming V-8 supercar will undoubtedly lead the way. This could very well be the most important model to wear a Prancing Horse Badge since the LeFerrari.

For reference, the LaFerrari’s hybrid system uses a naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V-12 and two electric motors to produce 963 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque.

With the electricity providing gobs of low-end torque, Ferrari’s engineers tuned the ’12 for peak high-rpm output, and the end result is a relatively flat power band and responsive throttle. One of the electric motors is directly integrated with the dual-clutch transmission, which makes for efficient packaging, while the batteries are mounted low in the chassis, giving it a low center of gravity.

Are you excited by Ferrari’s move towards electrification? Let us know in the comments section below.

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