All subsequent V-12-powered models will be electronically assisted

By now, we’ve already established that Ferrari will be bringing the F12 M with it to the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The successor to the Ferrari F12Berlinetta will have around 750 horsepower on tap, slightly more than the car it’s replacing and just a shade below the 769 ponies that the limited-run Ferrari F12tdf has at its disposal. But there’s also one unique element about the F12 M that could help turn the car into a legitimate Ferrari collectible car down the road. For the very last time, Ferrari will be using an unassisted, naturally aspirated V-12 engine on one of its production cars, and it will be fitted into the Ferrari F12 M.

It may not sound like a big deal today, but it most definitely when you take into account the fact that Ferrari will be using electrical assistance on all subsequent V-12 engines moving forward. The 750-horsepower output is also significant in the sense that the F12 M becomes the most powerful naturally aspirated series-production supercar that Maranello has built. Combine those two elements together, and you have the perfect recipe of a car that’s going to be insanely sought-after in the coming years.

Beyond the historical performance significance of the F12 M, the supercar is also expected to receive a few styling updates relative to the F12Berlinetta, the car it’s replacing. Early hints from spy shots suggest that the new supercar will come with a new grille, new intakes, and redesigned headlights and taillights. Likewise, the interior is also expected to get modifications of its own, although the extent of the changes is still largely unknown other than it receiving a dual-screen infotainment set-up that we first saw on the Ferrari GT4C Lusso. Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess the direction Ferrari took in designing the interior of the car since there have been no clear spy shots of that section.

Naturally, the F12 M’s historic potential as the last ever Ferrari to feature an unassisted, naturally aspirated V-12 engine means that the car isn’t going to come cheap. No official figures have been released, but estimates see it as being dramatically more expensive than the $325,000 price tag of the F12Berlinetta. Using that number as a baseline and taking into account the $500,000 price of the limited run F12 tdf, it’s reasonable to assume the F12 M approach the latter’s price more than the car it’s replacing.

All in all, Ferrari is reportedly scheduling the F12 M to have a similar five-year run as the F12Berlinetta with at least one limited edition model (a successor to the F12 tdf, perhaps?) arriving as part of that timetable.

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Keep an eye out for the Ferrari F12 M

Two months after the 500th Ferrari LaFerrari fetched $7 million to become the most expensive modern car ever sold in an auction, the Italian automaker is launching a car that could turn into the next must-have Ferrari. That’s a lot of hype and pressure heaped on the F12 M, but the car’s status as the last Ferrari to feature a pure, naturally aspirated V-12 engine is historic enough in it of itself. Add the fact that it becomes the most powerful production series Ferrari to date, and you have the makings of a car that’s not only going to be sought-after by tried-and-true Ferrari enthusiasts but also has the potential to be a regular fixture in high-priced auction settings in the future.

These aspects about the F12 M are just a few reasons why Ferrari is making sure that the F12 M becomes as desirable as any modern Ferrari it has built outside of the LaFerrari. It’s hard to blame the Italian automaker for taking this approach too since it understands the potential of the car to be a historical piece in the future.

One of the few things that could stand in the way of the F1M becoming an instant collector’s piece is the sheer number of models that Ferrari will likely build over its five-year production timetable. At this point, though, I’m confident in calling it this early. The Ferrari F12 M will become one of the most sought-after Ferraris of this generation so if anybody is looking to get one, add its historic potential as another reason to make reservations for the supercar this early.

The F12 M has the name, the performance, and the significance to become Ferrari’s next great masterpiece. All that’s left for the car to do is to make sure it lives up the hype.

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Source: Autocar

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