Formula One is sport that is as much about the drama and excitement as it is about the speeds and lap times. It is the highest echelon of motorsports, where only the greatest drivers compete in what are some of the fastest cars on the planet. It’s an emotional series that combines both glory and disaster with velocity and noise.

Or at least it used to be.

Over the last few years, new regulations regarding fuel efficiency and safety have removed a lot of the excitement and appeal of F1. The speeds have been reduced to save fuel, the noise of the new V-6 engines is disappointing to say the least, and the newest cars have lost all their visual aggression and sex appeal.

For Ferrari, this last transgression is the worst of all, and they are looking to change it with this new concept racer. The new car is a dramatic restyle of current F1 design Formula, and Ferrari feels that it can be created without completely upending the current rules system. Best yet, Ferrari is looking for input from you. Just hit this Ferrari F1 Concept link, and scroll to the bottom.

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Why it matters

Formula One is supposed to be the greatest combination of talent, spectacle and speed in the world of motorsport, but recent years have seen fan engagement and enjoyment decline. It can be attributed to strict rules, restrictions on fuel or any other number of potential issues, but one thing almost everyone agrees on is that the cars look terrible. Formula 1 cars have never looked particularly handsome, but the most modern cars are a far cry from attractive. If Ferrari can succeed in making a car that looks like this new concept, that remains aerodynamically competitive, it could literally alter the sport. Adding a dose of visual aggression can help make even the most boring races more interesting to watch.

In a move that is even smarter, Ferrari is using the will of the people to justify this new change. By taking comments from fans around the world, Ferrari can build a strong case for the new car based on feedback from actual spectators. If there is one way to convince the governing body of Formula One to take new suggestions seriously, using spectator opinion should be it.

So, if you want to potentially see cars like this on the grid, head over to Ferrari’s F1 Concept mini-site and sound off. When you get done there, hit our comments section to sound off about the new design, and whether you would like to see a grid full of wild cars like this one. Since they’re our comments, we make our own rules, so feel free to sound off about any rule changes you would like to see as well. What else do you think Bernie and the myriad of companies behind F1 can do to make the racing more interesting again?

Ferrari Scuderia Wants Your Input On The Design F1 Car Of The Future Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Press Release

Would it be possible to come up with an F1 car which not only is technologically advanced, but also captivating to the eye and aggressive-looking? And could this be made without having to overturn the current technical rules? At Ferrari, we believe so. Let us introduce you to the ‘concept design’ that was conceived by our design studio (Centro Stile Ferrari) together with the Scuderia’s aero department.

Minimal changes give the car a look that is way different from what have been familiar with so far. Our challenge was to create something that was – to put it short – better looking. We value your comments on that.

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