Ferrari sues over dying boy’s dream

Yes, it is not only the rich who can be arrogant. It is also those who cater to the very rich.
Ferrari has sued a Danish funeral home that designed a special funeral urn featuring the Ferrari prancing horse and was designed in the shape of the car. The funeral home designed the urn to fulfill the request of a young boy, a Ferrari fan, who died of cancer. According to the funeral director, the boy “was interested in fast cars." He said he was provided the Ferrari logo by a Danish Ferrari dealer. Subsequently, a depiction of the urn was included in an exhibit of custom urns designed by the funeral home featuring brand and sports logos.
Ferrari seeks, of course, to protect its trademark, as do many companies. Still, the impression given by the company is far from favorable. Words like heartless, uncaring and mean-spirited spring immediately to mind. Moreover, Ferrari has scored a small fortune’s worth of negative publicity. That’s not good business, either.
Perhaps Ferrari is too ingrown to understand a young boy’s worship of their team and heritage. One doubts that the founder of the company would have been so foolish.

Source: Post Chronicle

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tango  (372) posted on 09.3.2007

I recall the Porsche advertisement of a few years ago. The one where the little boy rides up to the delaership on his bicycle and asks to view the new 911. The dealer obliges. At the end of the viewing the little boy asks for a business card and duly informs the dealer that he will be seeing him in about twenty years. That’s how you make customers. The friends of that little Dutch boy will likely remember this event and may grow up to drive Lamborghinis.

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