Ferrari Superiority sends Maserati on Porsche and Bentley Attack

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Sisters shouldn’t fight and apparently that also holds true in the auto industry. Maserati, Ferrari’s little sister, is hard at work becoming more of a player in the industry and has set its target on competing against both Porsche and Bentley.

But not with its Italian big sister.

According to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari is in a class of its own and that Maserati will be focusing its attention on competing with the likes of Porsche and Bentley. "Ferrari doesn’t play with Bentley and with Porsche, it plays in its own [sand] box," he said.

The seeds have already been planted for the Italian automaker to accomplish this and expand the model line-up, as well as refreshing some of the existing models in the portfolio. We’ve already heard about Maserati’s intention of introducing a crossover on the market - the tentative name is the ’Cinqueporte’ - to battle the likes of the Cayenne and now it appears that the company will also have plans for a new small sedan, as well as a larger version of the Quattroporte.

Looking at the big picture, Maserati is pushing forward with their plans of increasing the sales figure of the brand all the way up to 60,000 units. That might sound a little bit of a stretch now, but if in fact these guys are serious about competing with a company like Porsche, they’re going to need to invest every last bit of their resources to ensure that they at least come close to the benchmarks they’ve set.


Source: Automotive News

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