Ferrari testing four-wheel drive system

Ferrari testing four-wheel drive system Exterior
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Recent spy shots have revealed a mysterious Ferrari 612 Scaglietti testing at Tierra del Fuego. At first we thought it could be thefuture generation 612, but further investigation proved this was not the case. It’s actually an unprecedented four-wheel drive system that, if it goes into production, will be the first 4×4 system in Ferrari history.

The man behind the camera said: "I could talk to the Italians who were testing the camouflaged Ferrari and they said they were testing a 4×4 system. On the road where I found there was enough mud and you could clearly see how the four wheels skidded. But the best was the engine sound. Infernal! "

Considering this is at least the second time the 4x4 prototype has been caught testing, we don’t exactly know how much truth there is to this system debuting, but Matteo Torre, Director of Communications for Ferrari, confirmed that this was a prototype of the 4x4 system when being interviewed at the recent Paris Auto Show. Unfortunately, he kept mum about any other details concerning the technology. What we do know is that the 4x4 system will not be coming at us in the shape of an SUV, so we can ignore those ugly rumors of Ferrari creating a Porsche Cayenne competitor.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments in regards to the new Ferrari 4x4 system.


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  (1211) posted on 11.10.2010

If this is true that this is the first 4x4 system in the Ferrari history then this is so exciting to await..

  (16) posted on 11.10.2010

That sounds like its about on par for Ferrari, lets not innovate, we’ll let everyone else figure out what works and then we’ll try to steal the glory.

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