Ferrari’s iconic prancing horse badge is as synonymous a symbol as any logo there is in the world. You show the badge to anybody from Antigua to Zanzibar and you’re more than likely to receive the same answer: “that’s the Ferrari logo”.

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who share these sentiments.
In a recent poll commissioned by UK’s MPH with the help of Top Gear Live to determine the most ‘iconic performance car badge’ in the world, the unmistakeable Ferrari badge came out on top – by a landslide, no less.

The Prancing Horse took 48% of the total 5,235 votes, nearly double than what Aston Martin got (25%). Lamborghini came in third with its patented Raging Bull badge, but was nevertheless far off pace from the top two finishers, scoring only 9% of the total votes.

It’s worth noting that Ferrari has always been every man’s dream car so it hardly comes as a surprise that the boys from Maranello would come out on top of this one. After all, there aren’t that many car brands that have lived up to the extremely high standards it has set for itself than Ferrari, so you can be certain that their perch on top is well justified.


Source: Carscoop

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