If the Ferrari Virtual Academy isn’t awesome enough by itself, Ferrari has decided to give it a few upgrades, notching up its cool factor by a couple more levels.

Among the new additions for the second round of the online racing simulator includes a new race track in Mugello to join the existing Fiorano race track in the simulator. Ferrari also outfitted the simulator with new control settings including eight new setups for differential lockup under braking, eight setups for lockup under acceleration, and four setups for the engine braking.

Check out the video preview of the new Mugello race track for the Ferrari Virtual Academy, which you can buy for 19.90 euros or if you’re in the US, around $27.75. There’s also word that the third race track of Ferrari’s online simulator will be out in November. Care to venture a guess what track it is?

If you guessed the Nurburgring, then consider yourself prophetic.


Source: Ferrari Virtual Academy

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  (442) posted on 10.20.2010

Wow, that’s amazing I have read the preview article about the Ferrari Virtual Academy and I’m excited to play this one... And hope it could out cast the Sim..lol!

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