In the past few months where were rumors about a four-door model coming from Ferrari. But, in an interview with Walt Street Journal, Jean Todt said Ferrari never planned such a model.

"Ferrari has never considered a four-door car. We feel have the range — particularly with the two-plus-two, twelve-cylinder vehicles — to satisfy our clients. It’s just not in line with our philosophy to introduce a four-door car. Simply put, it’s not what our customers are expecting from a Ferrari."

As Jean Todt said Ferrari is very interested of what their clients ask for, but in the same time, they want "to protect the Ferrari brand, being quite restrictive about the range of cars we produce."

Source: Walt Street Journal

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tango  (372) posted on 07.14.2007

Yes, yes, yes. I recall not so long ago Jaguar said they would never offer a diesel vehicle. If Ferrari is relying on their customers to decide what they build (not a bad thing, really) we may very well see a Ferrari SUV soon! LOL!

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