Ferrari working on 599 Scuderia?

Ferrari working on 599 Scuderia?
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Ferrari seems to be spending a lot of time working on the 599 GTB. Not only did we see the HGTE package and the 599XX racer in Geneva, but there was a revised version spotted testing only a month later. Now another version, rumored to be a track-focused Scuderia version, is peeking its head out of the Ferrari nest.

The raised tailpipes in the spy shot is what’s starting this rumor (yes, little things like tailpipes can do that.) They are similar to placement to those on the 599XX. Since that car is no longer a secret, it starts the rumormil on what Ferrari is trying to hide.

A Scuderia version would make sense. After all if Ferrari spent a lot of time working on the 599XX, it just has to dial back some of the absolute hardcore track nature, and it would have the perfect racercar-for-the-road 599 Scuderia.


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AK47  (1024) posted on 04.26.2009

Sorry but that doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you want to strip out a grand tourer?

AK47  (137) posted on 04.25.2009

Could be possible in that sense Mike. This car have been launched already in Geneva this year and awaiting production.

AK47  (180) posted on 04.25.2009

Or the possibility that they are not revising anything but just a teaser for everyone to look forward for the next Ferrari. Hiyes!

AK47  (116) posted on 04.25.2009

But come to think of it. It must one of Ferrari’s marketing idea to make sure this car make the needed impression. What do you think?

AK47  (177) posted on 04.25.2009

Its too early to conclude the intention of Ferrari about the revision until we get more tags and press releases about it. We might be hyping over a thing that does not really going to happen. We wait.

AK47  (183) posted on 04.25.2009

I don’t mind if they need to revise this car over and over again. We’re talking about Ferrari and Ferrari means perfection. I have no doubts that they have seen something wrong in the motor show that needs immediate attention.

AK47  (289) posted on 04.25.2009

FYI: The 599XX is a car designed for track use, based on 599 GTB. Engine’s maximum speed is increased to 9000rpm with engine rated 700 PS (690 hp/515 kW)@9000rpm. Weight is reduced by cutting the weight of the engine unit components, and use of composites and carbon-fibre body parts, carbon-fibre brake pads. A new gearbox shift strategy is introduced to cut overall gear change time to 60 ms. Aerodynamics were retuned to give more downforce (280kg @ 200km/h, 630kg @ 300km/h). The car also includes 29/67 R19 front and 31/71 R19 rear tires with 19 x 11J wheel rims at the front and 19 x 12J at the rear.

AK47  (231) posted on 04.25.2009

It’s the Ferrari Passion. If raised tailpipes would mean better performance for this beauty, I think Ferrari will not be afraid to go back to the drawing board just to get perfect.

AK47  (314) posted on 04.25.2009

599xx is sure to make a big bang entry. But what I love with Ferrari is their passion to perfect their creations. That’s I think is the reason why the team is still coming up with new revisions until final.

AK47  (318) posted on 04.24.2009

Revising the 599XX even before it gets on the motor show? Wow that means two things. They (Ferrari) saw something that they need to correct on the model or that they just can’t take their hands of it as they want this car to bring in their biggest offering this year!

AK47  (421) posted on 04.24.2009

I think Ferrari is focusing more on all around performance rather than the car’s engine bay this time. With all the successful launches from Califronia, F430, to the 599 GTB, now this 599XX having revision,is an addition to this new line of Ferrari to hit the road.

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