FIA Has No Comment on Mosley “Sex Scandal”

FIA Has No Comment on Mosley “Sex Scandal”
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British newspapers, particularly the tabloids, have a reputation for giving no quarter when it comes to scandals in high places – especially if the scandal involves sex.

And, the latest one certainly does.

As well as the president of racing’s international sanctioning body, the FIA.

According to the British tabloid “News of the World,” the FIA’s president, Max Mosley, has been involved with a British prostitution ring, engaging in sadomasochistic acts. The tabloid posted a video on its website which purports to show Mosley being greeted by five prostitutes, and then engaging in Nazi role playing during sex acts.

The FIA issued a statement saying that it had no comment, and that the matter was between Mosley and the newspaper, adding that it understood that Mosley’s lawyers were in contact with the paper. Unlike the United States, Great Britain has relatively stringent libel laws and suits against newspapers by celebrities are frequent, if not common, occurrences.

According to the newspaper, the video images were recorded this past Friday. Mosley’s father, Oswald, founded a British pro-Nazi group in the years prior to World War Two.

Source: Reuters

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