Fiat had high hopes for the 500 city car in the US, and their faith was rewarded tenfold after the first batch of their little compact hatchback was scooped up faster than even they anticipated.

Chrysler has announced that the limited edition “500 Prima Edizione” – yep, all 500 of them – have been sold. That means that if you were thinking of getting any one of the three colors offered – Blanco White, Grigio Gray, or Rosso Red - well, tough luck. On the other hand, hope is not lost, as Fiat - via Chrysler - will begin accepting orders for the standard 500 beginning in the early part of next year. Interested buyers will also get the chance to pick whatever trim of the 500 they like the most, including the Sport, Pop, or Lounge trims with the 500C scheduled to be released in 2011.

Laura Stove, Head of Fiat brand North America, was excited about the reception the 500 has received in the US. “It’s important that the Fiat enthusiasts and fans are among the first to receive their very own Fiat 500 Prima Edizione special edition vehicles, as they share the same excitement about the brand’s presence in North America," she said.

"As we begin to introduce Fiat to North America, our goal is to develop a solid relationship with our customers so they are made to feel as part of the brand.”
Clearly, the strong reception received by the 500 in the US is a pretty good start for Fiat and the Italian brand is hoping that it’s a sign for more good things to come .


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  (595) posted on 07.27.2011

Somebody told here that it is not in the market but this article said that it is already sold out .I don’t know where to stick and what is really the truth here. They must provide a reliable source to know if it is really not available in the US market.

  (399) posted on 06.28.2011

I think they haven’t change their platform ever since. Same here, I want to see a more modern styling and the high performance as well.

  (383) posted on 06.28.2011

It seems that the Cygnet is not the rebadged of the Toyota IQ but rather on Fiat 500! The styling of this car seems so vintage! I hope to see a more modern design.

  (528) posted on 03.1.2011

It seems to me that she’s alright after the flip, those roofs are pretty tough.

  (337) posted on 03.1.2011

When is the REGULAR Fiat 500 going to start selling here in the US? I mean they keep talking about all these special editions and what not, but I can’t even go and test drive a regular 500. According to Fiat’s USA website the "studios" aren’t even open yet.

  (648) posted on 10.4.2010

Good times. Then the owners can post reviews on youtube comparing what wouldn’t work on their classic models but hopefully does on the new ones.

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