• FIAT almost just made an awesome homologation car

  • Lexus Style Anyone? Perhaps the most significant upgrade on the F595 is the Record Monza Sovrapposto exhaust, seen here with vertically stacked tips.
  • The interior of the F595 has a new scorpion button to adjust the volume of the exhaust.
  • The 1.4 liter turbo deploying all of its 165 horsepower. The Formula 4 racing series has used the engines from the 500 Abarths since 2014
  • Blue accents are part of the F595 package as well.
  • Koni shocks are included in the F595 package. On top of Koni shocks, there is also quicker steering and throttle response.

Formula 4 has used the engines from a 500 Abarth for years now.

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FIAT recently dropped a special edition 595 Abarth to commemorate the fact that the engines in the Formula 4 race cars are from that very car. It is not a homologation car as such, but it does have some connection to motorsport.

Homologation cars have always been near and dear to automotive enthusiasts’ hearts.

Well, FIAT has come as close to making a homologation car as possible, without actually doing so.


The new FIAT F595 Abarth pays homage to the Abarth Formula 4 racing team. The entire Formula 4 series uses the 1.4 Liter turbo-four-cylinder from the Abarth streetcar to power the race cars. The engine utilizes a Garrett turbocharger and has a geometric compression ratio of 9:1.

The F595 is propelled to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds with the 5-speed-manual by all of its 165 horsepower and 170lb-ft of twist. If one decides to equip the five-speed automated manual, the time slows to 7.4.

The situation is not that the F595 uses a racing engine, but more so that the racing cars use a street engine.

As a result, this is not exactly a homologation car. It almost feels like they forgot the exact details of what the term ’homologation car’ means.


The occupants can control the exhaust’s volume, presumably loud and slightly less loud, using a scorpion button on the dashboard.

Also included are Koni shock absorbers, adjustable damping, and more responsive steering and throttle response.

Further performance modifications include a Record Monza Sovrapposto active exhaust with four tailpipes, two on each side, stacked vertically, Lexus style.

FIAT said, "The Abarth-designed braking system provides an optimal response and improved safety, consisting of 284-mm front and 240-mm rear ventilating discs. Last but not least, the F595 is equipped with the 7-inch HD Uconnect™ system with DAB radio, built-in Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto™ compatibility as standard."

The history behind the F595

All this carries some historical significance as the original Formula 4 (formerly called ’Formula Italia") car was designed by Carlo Abarth about 50 years ago.

Formula 4 started in 1971 and has almost always used engines and drivetrains made by FIAT, originally the 124 Sport. In 2014 Formula 4 decided to make Abarth the technical partner, meaning all the engines are the same 1.4 liter 4-cylinder turbo from the 595.

This version of the F595 sits next to the various other versions of the same car. Currently, FIAT is selling the old gasoline-powered 500 and its performance variants as a separate model alongside the new electric 500.

Unfortunately, neither the F595 nor the electric 500 will be coming to the U.S.

Here’s what it costs

The F595 comes as a hatchback or convertible and with the manual or the automated manual.

The hatchback starts at either $21,876 with the stick or $23,433 for the automatic. The convertible starts at $24,932 with the manual and $26,489 with the automatic, all based on current exchange rates.

Source: Stellantis.com

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