These ads, or at least two of them, are dripping in the feels

A few days after rolling out its first batch of Super Bowl LIII-bound commercials, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is doubling down on the ad campaign with three new commercials for its Jeep and RAM brands. There are two commercials for RAM, one of which looks like it has a tie in with the Los Angeles-based football team that’s playing in the game that also shares the “Ram” name with the FCA-owned automaker. The other two commercials, one for Jeep and the other for RAM, carry a much more serious and emotional tone, highlighting both this great country and the important roles we play in shaping our children to be better than all of us. FCA hasn’t announced at which point in the game these three ads will be shown. Rest assured, though, you’re going to want to see all of them.

It looks like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles had a bigger piggy bank for its Super Bowl LIII advertising. I really thought the three ads the automaker rolled out a few days ago for Dodge, Jeep, and RAM were all the ads that it planned to show during the big game. But I was wrong. Now, there are six commercials from FCA, three of which are for the RAM brand alone. Just like last time, let’s take a look at all three ads one at a time.

Ram - Roll Rams Roll

Let’s get the quirky one out of the way first.

Technically it’s an ad for the new Ram Heavy Duty, except that the mammoth truck has less than 10 seconds of airtime in the commercial.

Instead, the commercial focused its attention on a herd of computer-animated rams — they’re actually bighorn sheep — stampeding its way from the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California — the home of the Los Angeles Rams — all the way to Atlanta, Georgia where Super Bowl LIII will be played inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Along the journey, the herd stampedes all over the Grand Canyon, the Las Vegas Strip, farmlands in Texas, and Beale Street in Memphis before arriving in the Peach State. That’s where they encounter a Ram Heavy Duty carrying fans of the L.A. Rams, who happen to have a ram mascot with them inside the truck. Once the obligatory staredown ends, both the herd of rams and the RAM Heavy Duty continue on their journey to Atlanta together. If it wasn’t clear before, the ad is dripping in ram references. I suppose FCA intended it that way given the easy connection viewers will have of its brand and the football team that’s playing in the Super Bowl LIII. It’s not the best ad in the world, but it certainly is interesting. The next one, though, is going to put a lump in your throat.

RAM - Make Sure Of It

They say that the best commercials are the simple ones that carry powerful messages. Well, if that’s the case, add this one to that category.

It’s a 90-second commercial that spends most of the time focused on the face of a little girl as a man narrates about gender equality and the important role we play as adults in empowering our children, boy or girl, to be better than us when they grow up.

It’s a powerful and inspiring message, and only later is it revealed that the man behind the voice is none other than Jeremy Renner himself. The commercial does away with the theatrics and computer-animated images, instead focusing on an authentic message for all of us to mold the next generation to be better than we are because, well, that’s our job. It’s a touching message that jives well with RAM’s ethos of doing its job to the best of its abilities.

Jeep - More Than Just Words

This is probably the best Super Bowl LIII commercial so far, at least from the ones coming from the auto industry.

It’s a simple ad, really, that doubles as a music video for the band One Republic and its rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. The ad starts with a shot of the band before quickly transitioning what looks like random images of people from all over the U.S. living — and enjoying — their everyday lives. Look a little closer, though, and you’ll notice that the visuals aren’t that random at all. They actually depict the words from the national anthem, some more obvious than others. One Republic returns towards the end to sing the last two lines of the national anthem, and that’s precisely the time we start wiping our tears and saluting our TV sets or handheld devices. It’s one of the most creative ways the national anthem has been used in a TV advertisement setting, and if it doesn’t get your patriotic juices flowing, I don’t know what will.

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