Modifying a car is all well and good for as long as the result is something that can draw attention for the better. When it’s for the worse, then, that’s not really counted as ‘modding’, right?

This Fiat Panda seems like another regular car at first glance. You’re probably thinking “where’s the mod in that?’

That’s when we implore you to take a closer look. Once you have, you probably already noticed that this pint-sized Fiat Panda has...a BMW badge.

You’re eyes aren’t seeing things. That’s a BMW badge – on a Fiat. Now, it seems preposterous – and sacrilegious – to be putting a car badge on a rival car maker, but apparently, the guy who did this doesn’t care. That or he really believes from the bottom of his heart that he can dupe people into thinking that he really has a BMW.

If we can offer some advice to this fellow, we’ll tell him to keep the car in his garage. And yes, we’re doing him a favour by saying that.


Source: BMW Blog

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