• Fiat Stilo tuned in...Space


Some of you know the Fiat Stilo as a discreet family-car, bland and too German-looking maybe.Sometimes the car was submitted for a upgrade by European tuning comapanys but always with terrestrial looks.

Fiat Stilo tuned in...Space
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This is not the chase!You may ask yourself if this is realy a Fiat Stilo.Tha car seems just like he want to conquer the space.The bodywork is light-years away from the standard one that leave the factory.The only parts that remaine unchanged were the tail-lights, the windscreen and the rest of the glasses.

Fiat Stilo tuned in...Space
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The bodywork includes new bonet, new front and rear bubpers new side-skirts and a new spoiler on the spygalss, 18 inch wheels half-painted in a mad-green like the hole body.At the rear a diffuser and a big exaust just like the bikes.We doubt that the headlights are for the ’next generation’, it seems very alike to those from the Honda Accord.

The interior describe the same story, the main word beeing ’Space’.The interior contrast strongly with the blue treatment of the exterior.The inside of this car recive an alien wheel (maybe from the Quarks) and a high-end sound system to be heard right from the Moon.


Fiat Stilo tuned in...Space
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