• Fiji to Host Korean Electric Car Factory

The Fiji Islands bring to mind images gorgeous beaches and fine weather. Utilizing the quiet and humble nature of electric cars is the newest idea to help to ensure this harmony and peace. Korean electric car manufacturer CT and T, is interested in setting up a production plant to serve the island’s personal transportation needs, as well as exporting to nearby New Zealand and Australia.

The CT and T e-zone should fit this plan well. It uses a four wheel independent suspension, a rigid aluminium frame, and meets a few European and American safety standards. It additionally has a few appealing options, including lithium ion power units, an airbag for safety, and even in-wheel motors. Its 60 mile+ radius with the lithium option makes it a competent and clean choice for the citizens and visitors of Fiji.

We have witnessed quite a few industrialists clearing up jungles to build their manufacturing and production facilities. Possibly, production is the best and the most reliable path to accomplish growth and contribute to an economy, but the trade-offs are hazardous. Large scale deforestation, depletion of natural resources in that region and the quota of pollution that arrives out of the plant formulates an imbalance in the ecosystem.

To manufacture cars that don’t damage the environment as considerably as petroleum powered locomotives would, is much welcome in places like Fiji, which aren’t meant for IT companies to invest in or production houses to be set up on a large scale. It is noted for its accepting nature to travellers from around the globe, and it should be that way. If you have traveled to Fiji, you’d agree.

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  (520) posted on 07.18.2008

interesting looking car!

  (1022) posted on 07.18.2008

Thats a fine idea but this car will be a crappy choice for the roads of Fiji. Fiji has more potholes than actual roads. This car will destroy itself on the first pothole.

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