Take a unique stroll down Gran Turismo’s memory lane

It’s hard to imagine where all the years have gone, but the truth is, we’re approaching 19 years since the first Gran Turismo video game burst into the scene back in December 1997. I don’t know about you, but nostalgia kicks in every time I remember what it was like playing the original Gran Turismo on the first Sony PlayStation. Considering how big the franchise has become, it’s no surprise that others share in my sentiment, including French filmmaker Alexandre Synger, who went over and above what you’d expect from an OG Gran Turismo fan by actually recreating specific scenes from the game, including the opening sequence, using radio-controlled cars.

The video you’ll see is an incredible depiction of the original Gran Turismo, right down to the cars – it’s the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak! – and the open-world environment. Synger went all-out with this video, going so far as to recreate the menu screens and the car selection process using the same RC cars. Best of all, they’re all incredibly accurate!

It’s a worthwhile watch for old school fans of the original Gran Turismo video game. And once you’re done, take some time and look for some of Synger’s other works. He’s also recreated numerous chase scenes from the Fast and Furious movie franchise he even has one for the Pod Racer sequence from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It may be the worst of all the Star Wars movies, but watching Synger’s recreation of the scene is actually pretty awesome too.


Source: YouTube - Alexander Synger

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