Final Ferrari F450 spied

Final Ferrari F450 spied
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An almost production version of the upcoming Ferrari F450 has been spotted testing before its official debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As usual Pininfarina designed the body except its grace is being covered up at the moment by those rather large black flaps of camouflage.

The Ferrari F450 will be powered by a 4.6 Liter V8 that will put out 520 HP and make the future Ferrari F450 more powerful than the factory tuned F430 Scuderia, and with a possible composite based body, less weight means that it should be faster as well.

An interesting detail about these spy photos, if you look at the central exit exhaust you can see three pipes, one from the left bank, one from the right bank, but what about the third? The last time we saw a Ferrari with a trio of tips they were coming from the turbocharged V8 powered F-40 super car, one of the most radical members of the Scuderia to come from the prancing horse brand. Is the Italian automaker planning on bringing their turbo hybrid al wheel drive technology to market sooner than expected? Does that unidentified round object release pressurized air from a wastegate? Or is it just another attempt to throw off curious onlookers.



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