Grab the popcorn and tissues – your last chance to watch a Clarkson/May/Hammond-era Top Gear episode live on TV is about to come and go. The BBC has announced that the final episode with the loveable trio will air Sunday, June 28.

By now, you’ve surely heard that host Jeremy Clarkson got himself into trouble after punching a Top Gear producer while on set. The “fracas,” as it’s been coined, abruptly ended Clarkson’s welcome on the show, and coincidentally, halted the show’s regular schedule mid-season. The incident was the last straw for the brash host, who already had the British television network watching his every unpredictable move.

The final episode will be an extended-length special that combines the three remaining unaired episodes that were halted from showing shortly after the Clarkson’s incident.

Top Gear will continue, as the BBC just recently announced the show’s new host, Chris Evans. Two other presenters, one of which could potentially be female, will likely join Evans on the show. The BBC reports Evans saying the Top Gear crew would “definitely” include a woman, though BBC Two controller Kim Shillinglaw downplayed the comment by saying there would be “no gender diktats” with regards to the hosts. Either way, Evans will likely do well as the lead presenter, thanks to his already large popularity among British petrolheads.

All hope is not lost for Hammond, May and Clarkson, though. Rumors continue to swirl about the friends creating their own automotive program on Netflix. Only time will tell if they’re able to get the show off the ground, but seeing as how much clout the trio holds, it wouldn’t be surprising if they succeeded.

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Why it matters

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond might not have been the first hosts of Top Gear, but they have certainly played huge roles in making the British show the most-watched television program in history. The show is broadcast to more than 200 countries worldwide and its viewership is counted in the hundreds of millions. With the three hosts leaving the show, the BBC will have to work hard to retain its audience and maintain the same level of irreverent reporting and shenanigans.

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