A current topic of the last years, specially for the sports car, is the comeback of the “one-off”. Fioravanti, in its 20th anniversary of activity, caters to the Alfa Romeo lovers proposing this concept, previously showed in Geneva, as base for single pieces.

Fiorantini Vola unveiled in Geneva
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The technical layout that Fioravanti suggest with Vola is the famous and typical Alfa Romeo “transaxle” and it’s possible to adapt with few modifications the existing “transaxle” mechanics.

The aim is to give again to the passionate of this glorious brand the typical Alfa Romeo values of agility, sensibility and enjoy of driving. The rotating roof that characterize this concept is an innovative and extremely simple solution and it can operate both automatically or manually. It’s the same system that Ferrari has used for the limited series of 575 Superamerica, such system let to obtain evident advantages for: weight saving, room for luggage and very slight variation in the “baricenter” of the car between open or closed roof.

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pdaix  (433) posted on 03.5.2008

Ugly ! a complete waste of time.. it feels like the 1990’s Bertone concept designs

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