First Aptera Typ-1h to be delivered this year

Aptera made the announcement that is ready to move its vehicle into production. The manufacturer began to hire workers in order to support the building process. The company’s goal for this year is to deliver the first Typ-1h and looking at how things work this goal may be easily achieved.

The car must also pass the crash tests but if we think at the fact that the car is designed by Jason Hill who designed cars like Smart and Porsche Carrera GT we assume that passing the safety tests will not be a problem for the Aptera Typ-1h.

The range of the electric engine that powers the Aptera Typ-1h is estimated at 120 miles, while the fuel economy is just over 300 mpg. You may wonder why 120 miles? Well, according to the manufacturer „ it’s more than double of most available plug-in hybrid ranges that achieve over 100 MPG. It’s three times the distance of the typical American daily commute.

First Aptera Typ-1h to be delivered this year
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aptera typ-1h

It’s a meaningful distance that represents the driving needs of 99% of Americans on a daily basis. Sure, it’s asymptotic, after 350-400 miles it eventually plummets to around 130 MPG at highway speeds where it will stay all day until you plug it back in and charge it up.”

The total costs of the vehicle, according to the manufacturer, will not exceed $30,000.

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