And here we go: the count down beings! When Aston Martin launched the One-77 supercar announced a number of 77 units will be produced. Unfortunately the first one is already dead. The accident occurred this past week in Hong Kong, China.

It seems that the car involved in the accident is one of the last units to be produced, so it was brand new. There are no real details on what really happened in here, but judging by the look of this wrecked One-77 we are sure that the driver lost control at high speeds. It looks like both front an back wheels have buckled, but the interior looks intact, so hopefully no one has been injured during this sad event.

A brand new One-77 is priced at $1.4 million! And considering the car has lots of carbon fiber in it, for sure it will raise the repairing cost pretty high. So, Aston Martin One-76 anyone?


Source: Shmee150

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  (2) posted on 02.5.2013

I recently went to the Sydney MotorShow 2012 and on display was an Aston 0ne-77 on display and the owner remained anonymous. Is the owner of this One-77 going too as well?

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