Technically, we don’t know if this is the first Aston Martin Rapide that has been crashed since the car was unveiled almost a year ago, but we are absolutely hoping that it is, and that no other Rapides have been cracked and banged before this.

The incident happened in Netherlands, near a school in Eindhoven. Although we have no details as to what really happened, the pictures shown here lead us to believe that it wasn’t a horrific display since the Rapide isn’t that damaged. We are guessing that there was a sudden braking scenario and the car behind him just wasn’t fast enough - or was driving too close - to brake in time. Anyone with details on this accident, please drop us an email or comment below. We have no details on what really happened, but the Rapide in the pictures looks pretty less damaged, so we presume nothing bad happened. Most likely something involving a sudden brake and the car behind not reacting in time. If you have more details on this, please let us know!



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  (859) posted on 10.5.2010

This is going to blow the Panamera out of the water, based on the Porsche’s spy shots, and it is going to be sexier than the Quattroporte, and one of the few, or sole V12 Sport sedan, aside from perhaps a sport-package 7-series, if such an animal exists. S-class and Maybach aren’t sport sedans, they are full-luxury coaches.

  (745) posted on 09.15.2010

Oh, sorry for that rapide. It must be a lot of money to spend to fix the damages.

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