• First Corvette Stingray Crash Takes Place in Arizona

Just like most hyped-up sports cars and supercars, the first reported crash of said car is always a big deal, as it inevitably shoves the poor driver into supercar in infamy.

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is one such car and as fate would have it, and it didn’t take long for the first reported crash of the Stingray to make the news.

According to the folks over at Digital Corvettes, the crash took place somewhere in Arizona after the driver of the Corvette Stingray lost control of the sports car, sending it careening into a guardrail before "bouncing back to the rocks" as the image shows.

From what people in forum have said, the crash happened in a section of road with tight switchbacks that seems to suggest that the Corvette could’ve been running faster than it should for the driver to lose control. The photo of the Corvette Stingray makes it look like it got dinged up pretty bad, but forum poster, gpetry, said that the car was in worse shape than the photo suggests.

Tough luck for the driver and worse for the not-yet-released Corvette Stingray. We’re just hoping nobody was seriously hurt from this crash.

Credit to "gpetry" for the photo


Source: Digital Corvettes

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  (548) posted on 04.16.2013

I just hope that the car manufacturers will be able to know how to prevent such accident and apply these improvements to Corvette Stingray in the near future. I hope the driver is fine after the incident since it looks like a serious crash.

  (14) posted on 02.13.2013

As long as Corvette continues to use its antiquated leaf-spring suspension, these things are going to happen on curvy roads with less than ideal surfaces. there is simply not enough responsiveness, range-of-travel, and accommodation of surface irregularities on curves, with this design. This new car was an ideal opportunity to incorporate a horizontal pushrod-and-damper design, such as the F1-inspired version from Lamborghini in the Aventador.

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