• First Datsuns Will be Based on the Lada Kalina, Blah...

We all know that Datsun is set to make a comeback and many of you likely started salivating over the possibility of seeing the resurrection of the compact, lightweight sports cars of yesteryear. Well, we’ll go ahead and curb your enthusiasm by telling you that Renault-Nissan wasn’t lying when it said Datsun would come back only as a low-cost competitor for second-tier markets, like India and Indonesia.

This is confirmed by a report that the first Datsun to roll on four wheels since the 1980s will be based on the ultra-low-fun and now-discontinued Lada Kalina. Per the reports, the Kalina’s interior and exterior will be changed to accommodate Datsun, but the mechanics will remain the same. This means it will feature a line of four-bangers that’ll pump out an unexciting 81 to 91 horsepower.

At one point, however, the Lada Kalina was the base for the concept car dubbed the Super 1600, which used forced induction to create somewhere between 200 and 300 horsepower, and 120 horsepower without the boost, so there is still some hope. But the chances of Datsun seeing anything like this are slim to none and slim is on its way out the door…

We expect to see the first Datsun putt-putt its way off of the production line in 2014.


Source: Motorpasión

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