As we reported previously Gordon Murray, McLaren F1 designer, is working on a new city car project. The project will be called Type 25 (it’s Murray’s 25th car) will be an ultra-economical, environment-friendly and affordable city car, aimed at first-time buyers, city dwellers, commuters, hire car fleets and second-car buyers.

The Type 25 will be made out of high-tech materials and will feature an innovative architecture that will help the car to weight around 400kg less than similarly sized conventional vehicles.

The T25 will be just a running prototypes. For the final version, Gordon Murray Design company will support clients in bringing the car to production, as well as in the development of further variants using different body styles, fuels or powertrain options. "The ultimate target is to create a new class of vehicle on a worldwide basis," says the company.

The T25 "will take a similarly radical approach to high-performance sports cars... a car which absolutely reverses the trend towards larger, heavier and more powerful supercars", says Murray.

"This car will give the driver all the driving feedback and pleasure that a good power-to-weight ratio and vehicle dynamics can deliver, but from light weight and modest power. The result will be a more affordable and a more environmentally friendly supercar. The company is also gearing up during the next 12 months to undertake a race programme."

Source: Channel4

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