If you missed out on your chance to buy a new 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari directly from Maranello — possibly simply because you didn’t own the other five Ferraris required for the company to give you the opportunity — then you might be interested to find out that one of the 499 hypercars just surfaced on the second-hand market. Specifically, Naples Motorsport in Naples, Florida, has just announced it has a LaFerrari "...on the ground ready for immediate delivery."

There’s a catch though, they want $5 million for it. That’s more than three times what Ferrari initially asked for a LaFerrari.

Naples Motorsports doesn’t say how it got hold of the supercar, but the folks over at the Ferrari Chat forums claim this vehicle originally belonged to Steve Wyinn, who sold it for about $3 million. It seems as if the current owner is looking for a $2 million profit on what’s arguably the most sought-after supercar.

The model now available at Naples Motorsports is finished in black and comes with a tan leather interior and countless carbon-fiber inserts. The car has only 202 miles on the clock and it appears to be in mint condition. It is currently the only LaFerrari for sale in North America.

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Why it matters

This is definitely a rare opportunity for supercar collectors and Ferrari enthusiasts that didn’t have the change to buy one from the factory, but it will be interesting to see who is willing to pay $5 million for it. If Naples Motorsports sells the supercar for the requested amount, this could very well make the LaFerrari the most valuable vehicle launched recently. For a car that’s been on the market for less than two years, fetching triple its original amount would be an outstanding achievement.

We’ll be right back on the matter as soon as this LaFerrari finds a new owner, so make sure you stick around for the full details.

Ferrari LaFerrari

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari High Resolution Exterior
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Ferrari LaFerrari 2.5 Seconds

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Source: naplesmotorsports

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