Nissan delivered to Kanagawa Toshi Kotsu Ltd. the latest version X-TRAIL fuel-cell vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells to be used as part of their chauffer-driven hired-car fleet. This is the first time that a fuel-cell vehicle has been made available for hired-car services, providing consumers with the opportunity to experience the performance and benefits of advanced clean technology.

First fuel-cell-powered hired-car service
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X-TRAIL fuel-cell
Each X-TRAIL FCV employs an original Nissan fuel-cell stack and compact li-ion batteries capable of delivering the same level of performance as the gasoline-powered X-TRAIL. Nissan original fuel-cell stack delivers an enhanced power output of up to 90 kilowatts with maximum speed and acceleration on a par with the gasoline engine.

First fuel-cell-powered hired-car service
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Fuel-cell technology provides zero emission motoring - other than water vapor - by using two renewable elements - oxygen and hydrogen gases - that are naturally abundant in the air we breathe. The technology lies in the chemical fusion reaction between the hydrogen fuel and oxygen to release electric energy and water as the only by-product.

Under the Nissan Green Program 2010, Nissan will offer advanced technology and products to help make real-world reductions in CO2 emissions, including further practical use of fuel-cell vehicles. Since April 2006, Nissan has enabled consumers to experience the performance and benefits of fuel-cell-powered vehicles by making them available for test-drives at the Nissan Gallery located at its head-office in Ginza, Tokyo.

First fuel-cell-powered hired-car service
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