Ford has a new flagship vehicle in their lineup and they brought Top Speed along for the ride. So far from what we have learned about the new Taurus from our press trip is that it is a car that is more about me, and less about we. Intended for individuals who have outgrown the responsibilities associated with owning a crossover, but still want to be able to take the occasional passenger for a ride. The new for 2010 Ford Taurus packs the same attitude and style that the blue oval is famous for instilling in their trucks. The Ford engineers and marketing team are calling the new Taurus America’s smartest full size vehicle due to the laundry list of safety, comfort and performance features that are packed into the attractively styled four door.

The design team focused on creating a bold exterior and a great interior, two tasks at which they have succeeded. Their goal was to infuse the new Taurus with what they call Ford DNA: the look, the feel and the fun of a Ford. While we can’t tell you about how the new car handles until June 22nd, we can tell you that the look and feel are spectacular, we especially like the massaging front buckets.

The Ford engineering team set out to build a vehicle that was engaging and fun to drive, they succeeded. The Taurus was designed by a group of cohesive engineers and was developed in the digital world, a process that cut 12 months off of the new car’s development cycle. The new Taurus offers the latest and greatest from the blue oval, and is a step in the right direction for any American automaker. Stay tuned to Top Speed for future updates about the Ford Taurus and high output SHO model that we will be getting our hands on tomorrow.

We can’t wait for boost.


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