April 17, 1964. This is the date when the first generation Ford Mustang was launched at the New York World’s Fair. It was a car that, according to Project Design Chief Joe Oros, had to appeal to women, but in the same time to be desired by the men too. The first prototypes were built as two-seats model, but after realizing the true success depended on volume sales they switched to a four-seat design. And this is exactly that they put into production in 1964. And the first production version is now on sale on eBay. But while in 1964 the Mustang had a suggested retail price of US$ 2,368, today the first one is rated at $5,5 million.

if you have that kind of money you will also receive the full documentation to proove you will buy a piece of history.

For those who want to bid, good luck!


Source: ebay

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  (1332) posted on 01.3.2010

Also if you’re a vintage collector who wants this expensive vintage Ford Mustang, well goodluck for the aspirant bidders. IMO, I’m lucky that I’m not a vintage collector or else I will be impulsive on buying vintage cars with no reason at all.

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