You know there is a first time for everything: first time driving, first time falling in love... and of course after a long list, there is first time crashing a car. And in this last list there is also another one: to be the first to crash a car just launched on the market. We are talking about the first Impreza STI crashed just after 282 km...

The accident happened in Japan, just a few weeks after the STI went on sale. Too bad his owner couldn’t enjoy it as much as he wanted. Now his car is waiting for some miracles in a smash repair yard.

Ouch! That must have hurt!

First Subaru Impreza STI crashed
- image 220886
First Subaru Impreza STI crashed
- image 220887

Source: Caradvice

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badestofthebad  (608) posted on 12.18.2007

oh jeez sum clown already friggin up the car wat the hell is wrong with these amatuers can’t even handle the darn thing then don’t waste ya time buyin it

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