• First Video Review of the Hummer EV Reminds US That The Car Doesn’t Actually Exist

First review of the Hummer EV is actually a silly walkaround

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General Motors has recently unveiled the GMC Hummer EV, an all-electric revival of the iconic SUV and truck. But deliveries of the all-electric hauler won’t commence until late 2021 when the limited-edition and expensive Edition 1 trim rolls off the assembly line. The Hummer EV is still some 12 months away, but Emelia Hartford got her hands on one for a quick walkaround.

This is proof that the GMC Hummer EV doesn’t actually exist... yet

First Video Review of the Hummer EV Reminds US That The Car Doesn't Actually Exist
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This 12-minute video might look like a review, but don’t let that "taking delivery" title mislead you. Emelia is actually doing a walkaround of the prototype truck, with no driving whatsoever.

Granted, the video provides solid insight into the truck's features and a good view of the interior beyond the official photos, but it's another reminder that General Motors has yet to build a working prototype, let alone put the Hummer EV into production.

Hartford also gets the truck’s torque figure all wrong, claiming that the Hummer EV will deliver 10 times more pound-feet than the Koenigsegg Agera or half the amount of torque of a freight train. Yes, GM did say that the truck will come with 11,500 pound-feet of twist in the tri-motor configuration, but that’s torque at the axles and actually converts to around 900 pound-feet. Still spectacular, but not out of this world.

But until the first Hummer EVs start rolling on public roads in late 2021, this video is your best option to see how the truck looks on video rather than in official photos.

The regular GMC Hummer EV is still far away

First Video Review of the Hummer EV Reminds US That The Car Doesn't Actually Exist
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The Hummer EV might hit public roads in late 2021, but only in Edition 1 trim. That’s an expensive launch model of which only a few units will be built. Priced from $112,595, it’s already sold out. The regular Hummer EV won’t arrive until the fall of 2022. That’s when GMC will introduce the EV3x trim. Priced from $99,995, it will be the range-topping model with three electric motors. It’s rated at 800 horsepower and delivers more than 300 miles of range. The spring of 2023 will bring the EV2x, a twin-motor version with 625 horses, and more than 300 miles of range. Pricing for this version will start from $89,995. Finally, GMC will roll out the base Hummer EV2 in the spring of 2024. Priced from $79,995, it will also generate 625 horsepower, but range is estimated at 250+ miles.

2021 Hummer EV lineup
Hummer EV2 Hummer EV2x Hummer EV3x Hummer EV Edition 1
Price $79,995 $89,995 $99,995 $112,595
Available Spring 2024 Spring 2023 Fall 2022 Fall 2021
Powertrain 2 motors 2 motors 3 motors 3 motors
Range +250 miles +300 miles +300 miles +350 miles
Horsepower 625 HP 625 HP 800 HP 1000 HP
Torque 7,400 LB-FT 7,400 LB-FT 9,500 LB-FT 11,500 LB-FT
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