Fisker is still probably a long way off from building new cars anytime soon (if ever), but to avoid hanging Karma owners out to dry with no warranties, the company announced a new customer service program that will provide OEM parts and continued maintenance services. Current owners are covered for repairs costing up to $2,000, while original owners get another $2,000 for parts and $1,000 for labor. Service centers have been established at existing Fisker dealers in most major cities across the country.

Between the two most well known American-based electric car start-up companies, Fisker definitely came out on the losing end. The company founded by former Aston Martin designer Henrik Fisker declared bankruptcy in 2013 as a result of supply chain problems and recalls. China’s Wanxiang Group purchased the Fisker brand and its assets in 2014, and aside from a possible name change to Elux, that’s pretty much the last we’ve heard of the company.

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Does this mean we’ll be seeing Karma production resume in the near future? Hard to say, but we did recently heard rumors that sales would restart sometime in 2016 under the Elux name. Wanxiang is reportedly spending millions to bring the car up to date, with a revised gasoline-electric, range-extending drivetrain, and prototypes have recently been spotted testing. If Fisker does indeed intend to resume sales, then recommitting to current owners is a wise first step in rebuilding faith in the brand.

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Press Release

Fisker Automotive, an automaker based in Costa Mesa, California, today announced the Customer Support Program (CSP) that provides current owners of its Fisker Karma automobile with parts and service assistance.

"We are very excited to announce this program. It’s powerful evidence of our new management team’s commitment to provide support for our loyal and dedicated Karma owners around the world," said Jim Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Fisker Automotive and Technology Group, LLC.

With this program, the company has identified authorized CSP providers for Karma parts and service.

For current owners of the Fisker Karma, the CSP centers will provide parts and labor for covered repairs free of charge up to $2,000.

Original owners of the Karma are entitled to additional CSP benefits of $2,000 for parts and $1,000 for labor for covered repairs above and beyond the Owners CSP benefits.

The Fisker Karma parts inventory can now provide an OEM replacement for most any part a Karma might need for its appearance, safety and proper operation.

The CSP Program will remain in place until January 31, 2016 or until the reserved CSP funds have been depleted.

Karma owners are encouraged to register on website to make sure they are first to receive notification of future updates and other news. The Customer Service Line at 844.276.3589 is available for any questions or concerns. Owners outside the U.S. are requested to use the contact resources at

"We are back! And this Customer Support Program is just the beginning," says Taylor. "During the years ahead, we will engage in an active relationship with owners of the Fisker Karma as well as future owners of our unique and innovative vehicles to come."

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