Teaser photos of the Fisker EMotion reveal a dynamic design

As innovative and pioneering as the Fisker Karma was, most people probably remember it for having the strangest looking front grille in the auto industry. Sure, it wasn’t on the level of the Mitsuoka Orichi, but not a lot of people had anything flattering to say about that grille. But, it seems Fisker has learned its lesson; new teaser photos of the company’s EMotion electric sports car reveal a much more fluid-looking car that’s more in line with Henrik Fisker’s reputation as one of the best auto designers in the industry.

The teaser photos actually don’t reveal much of the whole car, but they did show some significant details that are, no doubt, worth mentioning. The “panther-looking” headlight set-up is there and the smaller front grille doesn’t steal too much attention away from the section’s overall design quite like how the old mustache grille became one of the enduring design characteristics of the Karma for all the wrong reasons. The front bumper of the car is also a lot more subdued than the one found in the concept while the pair of hood scopes are now located further back on the hood, just in front of the windshield. Based on the photos, you might even say that the EMotion bears some similarities to the Jaguar F-Type. We’ll only know for sure when the car makes its debut this coming August. For now, I think that the EMotion already looks better than the Karma ever did.

Very promising early returns for Fisker’s return to the EV sports car world

Fisker Finally Moves On From The Mustache Grille! High Resolution Exterior
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I’m looking forward to the debut of the Fisker EMotion for a number of reasons.

I’m looking forward to the debut of the Fisker EMotion for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious is the production car’s design, which I expect to be much better than the Karma’s. Don’t forget, Henrik Fisker is a titan in the automotive design world. His work on the Karma notwithstanding, Fisker is also responsible for designing legacy cars like the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8 and niche exotic machines like the VLF Force 1 V10. His status as one of the best auto designers in the business is without peer, so I’m looking forward to seeing how different the production model of the EMotion is from its concept counterpart.

The other intriguing aspect about the EMotion is its performance capabilities. The automaker didn’t say how much power it’s going to have or how quick it can get to 60 mph, but it did let loose on the car’s top speed of 161 mph and its ability to cover 400 miles on a single electric charge.

2019 Fisker EMotion High Resolution Exterior
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2019 Fisker EMotion
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2019 Fisker EMotion
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The early returns are definitely promising.

However it shakes out from here until the car’s debut in August, you can be sure that the car will generate plenty of attention from people who are looking forward to seeing what kind of follow up Fisker will have to the Karma. The early returns are definitely promising. Here’s to hoping then that the Fisker Emotion’s wave of momentum continues.

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