No more mustache grille!

Henrik Fisker’s new automotive venture, Fisker Inc., is close to unveiling its first product, and while details about the car are still being kept under wraps, Fisker has already taken to Twitter twice the past week to show teasers of the the yet-to-be-named model. The first teaser shows the side profile of the car and its defining feature, the butterfly doors. The second and more recent teaser is the photo you see above of the car’s front section. And for a lack of a better description, there are a lot of things in there that’s worth digesting.

It looks so busy that it’s hard to pick which part of the design to peruse first. So let’s start with the LED headlights, which, in addition to having a peculiar boomerang shape that extends to the massive wheel arches, are adaptive to the road ahead, or so Fisker says.

Speaking of the massive arches, they flank a low, swooping vented hood that the Fisker claims was intentionally designed that way to increase the car’s aerodynamic qualities. The absence of Fisker’s old “mustache grille” is a welcome addition to the car’s look and the front bumper has enough angles to it to make it look a tad too aggressive. Overall, it’s a unique look that borders on polarizing, especially if you’re not into the paradox of a design being too busy yet still having some untouched spaces in it.

It’s unlikely this is going to be the final design of the car, so it’s not fair to judge it from this teaser alone. But it is provocative, which might be what Fisker is going for in his attempt to make a splashy return to the auto industry. That much is apparent, as is the company’s claim that the EV sports sedan can go over 400 miles on a single charge.

But there are still so much we don’t know about the car so in the absence of any concrete details, let’s see what new teaser Henrik Fisker releases soon. Maybe the rear section?

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Let’s see where this goes first

My first impression of Henrik Fisker’s new car is lukewarm. I don’t hate it, but I did expect a little more restraint from somebody who is famous for his subliminal designs in the past, including the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9. I won’t rush to completely dismissing it because it wouldn’t be fair to the man. Besides, if the front section complements the side and rear sections of the car, then the discussions would be moot. My basis is strictly from this teaser photo, and whether you agree with me or not, the important thing is at this point, the teaser elicits the kind of wide-ranging reactions that Fisker probably intended to get in the first place.

The good news is that the full prototype is scheduled to be unveiled this week, so the turnaround will be very quick. We’re all going to have our first look at the new car and then we can formulate our own conclusions on whether it’s a good start for the new Fisker Inc. or if Fisker needs to go back to the design table to make the necessary modifications for the actual production model.

That’s another important aspect to remember since the production design might not be what we’re looking at right now. What we do know is that Fisker Inc. intends to build it using a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber, presumably to keep the construction strong and light as possible. In any case, a lot of questions will be answered when the Fisker Inc. launches the prototype version this week. Keep your eyes and ears open on when that’s going to go down.

Source: Twitter - Henrik Fisker

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