Fisker Coachbuild, LLC, the company that makes premium cars of its own design employing Mercedes-Benz and BMW chassis and drivetrains to produce luxury premium sports and GT cars, is embarking on a “plug-in” hybrid program, in conjunction with Quantum Technologies, a company organized to develop alternative fuel propulsion systems. The two are entering into a joint venture, under the name “Fisker Automotive.”
Fisker claims it will show the car at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show next fall. It’s initial production goal is 15,000 vehicles. Sticker prices are promised to “start under $100,000.”
Quantum’s contribution to the development of the car is “Quantum Drive,” described as “cutting-edge plug-in hybrid technology” which allows Fisker “to design innovative luxury cars with uncompromised proportions.”
According to Fisker’s press release, it is doing this all for the good of the green, the environment green, that is: The troubled environment is captivating the attention of the world. Developing a
premium luxury green car which also delivers attractive design can make a difference.” (If so, then developing a less expensive green car would make more of a difference, but Fisker doesn’t address that.)
Fisker, thus, joins Tesla as another company attempting to develop an alternative fuel car for the luxury sports car market. Both companies may be living in Fantasyland, but Fisker seems to be delusional.
General Motors’ sales target for the Volt is 60,000 vehicles in the first year, at a price of $30,000. Fisker aims to sell 15,000 a year, priced at “under $100,000,” by which Fisker probably doesn’t mean much under that figure. Even if it is assumed that Madonna, LeonardodiCaprio, and all of their friends by one, there aren’t enough foolish Hollywood actors and actresses to account for that sales figure, which is almost twice the annual production figure for Bentley or, put another way, half the annual output of Corvettes. 
Only time will tell whether Mr. Fisker is innovative automotive pioneer or a modern day Preston Tucker.

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