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    Ford Mustang V6 vs. Mini Cooper S (1/4 Mile Drag Race)

    2005 Ford Mustang, 4.0L V6, 210 HP @ 5300 RPM, 240 LB-FT @ 5000 RPM, 5-speed automatic, Top speed: 190 km/h.

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    All negative comments will be deleted. R.I.P. Christiane T. I’ve raced your Ford Mustang V6 at 1/4 mile drag race as promised. I hope you enjoyed :D

    Ford Mustang 4.0L V6
    Reaction: 0.424
    60 Foot ET: 2.386
    1/8 Mile ET: 9.894
    1/8 Mile MPH: 72.71
    1/4 Mile ET: 15.232
    1/4 Mile MPH: 91.87

    Mini Cooper S
    Reaction: 0.346
    60 Foot ET: 2.827
    1/8 Mile ET: 10.776
    1/8 Mile MPH: 72.84
    1/4 Mile ET: 16.116
    1/4 Mile MPH: 92.54

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  • Five Reasons America Is The Best
    Corvette vs Aston Martin V12 Vantage S vs Jaguar F-Type V8S: Hillclimb Roadtest 1500bhp shoot-out

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    USA takes on best of British

    When Chevrolet turned up at the gates of Goodwood House with the first 2014 Corvette Stingray to land in the UK, we knew there’d be a ruckus.
    Why? Because a pair of the finest front-engined, rear-drive sports machines that England can muster were also lurking in the wings; Aston Martin’s thrilling Vantage V12 S, and Jaguar’s awesomely potent F-Type V8S.
    With national honour at stake, we needed an independent adjudicator. Enter racing driver, gentleman, and former Festival of Speed ’King of the Hill’ Anthony Reid — not only a natural born Scot, but a man who knows the ribbon of tarmac that threads up our quintessentially English hillclimb as well as anyone.
    So in spite of the wet weather, we gave Anthony a few runs up the hill in all three cars — and to keep him honest we made sure all the electronic driver aids were switched to ’off’. Go as fast as you feel comfortable, we said, and then we took the elapsed times off the on-board camera footage; more for fun than science.
    So without further ado (and no more spoilers), sit back and enjoy three hugely powerful rear-wheel-drive cars being driven up the hill by a former Festival of Speed champion.
    We’d also like to take a moment to celebrate the unflinching nature of the Goodwood sheep. English to the core, of course!

  • Five Reasons America Is The Best
    Cadillac CTS-V vs Jag XFR - Drag Race

    In a recent comparison, Cadillac’s all-new 556 horsepower CTS-V sedan dominated the BMW M5 in a drag race battle. But there’s a new competitor in the super sedan segment - Jaguar’s 510 horsepower XFR. Can it take the crown away from Cadillac’s CTS-V?

  • Five Reasons America Is The Best
  • Five Reasons America Is The Best
  • Five Reasons America Is The Best
  • Five Reasons America Is The Best
  • Five Reasons America Is The Best