Five Sleigh Alternatives For Santa

2015 BMW i3 High Resolution Exterior
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Merry Christmas TopSpeed readers. As you all know, the busiest person this time of the year is none other than Santa Claus himself.

The man is probably on his way back to the North Pole after his global voyage of spreading cheer and good tidings to children all over the world, so it’s probably not the best idea to go disturbing him and ask a copy of Gran Turismo 6. We all know that Santa usually enlists the services of his trusted reindeer when he needs a lift, but after the long journey, they likely need a break.

Fortunately, we have a few suggestions on what cars Santa can use to get around while his reindeer take a well-deserved break.

After the jump are five cars that Santa would likely find useful to drive all around the North Pole, or maybe even to deliver next year’s gifts.

So without further ado, these are the five cars we’d suggest Santa get behind the wheel of so he can give his reindeer a nice tropical break in the Caribbean.

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2014 Rolls Royce Wraith

2014 Rolls Royce Wraith High Resolution Exterior
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Santa Claus rolling up in your block with a Rolls Royce maybe a sight only the crazy will believe, but just imagine how much more elegant he looks inside one of the world’s finest luxury cars. He’s going to look like that uncle that drops by every so often, but when he does, you can expect some pretty awesome gifts. Heck, he can even ditch his old red robe in favor of a three-piece suit that goes well with the Wraith’s luxurious and elegant interior, highlighted by the softest Phantom-grade leathers to go with a special wood called "Canadel Panelling".

And if he’s worried about time, he can be comforted knowing that the Wraith comes powered with Rolls’ traditional V-12 engine, one that’s capable of hitting 624 horsepower and a peak torque of 590 pound-feet, allowing it to hit 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds to go with a top speed of around 190 mph.

2014 Jaguar F-Type

2013 Jaguar F-Type Roadster High Resolution Exterior
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When Santa finds himself in a country with a tropical climate, the best way to go about delivering presents is to do with style. And by that we mean driving a sports car with the top down, allowing him to enjoy the wind sweeping back his ruffled white hair.

What better car to do that in than the Jaguar F-Type, the sports car we all believed Jaguar was capable of building all these years. It’s got the style, it’s got the panache, and it’s got the performance credentials that willll help Santa breeze through his deliveries while still enjoying the incredible characteristics of the sports car.

He can even choose among three different trim levels - the F-Type, F-Type S, and F-Type V8 S - although if he asks us, will tell him to get the F-Type V8-S so he can enjoy the spoils of a convertible sports car that can pump out 495 horsepower and hit a top speed of 186 mph.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Rudolph and Co. might throw a fit if they found out Santa was driving a car whose company logo has a horse in it, but in the event that he’s in a hurry and needs to give out as many gifts in the quickest possible time, he can get a Ferrari LaFerrari and take full advantage of all the nuttiness that exotic supercar provides.

Santa in a LaFerrari might sound like a catchy title for a short film, but there are certain advantages to using that supercar for all his expedited deliveries. For one, the car pumps out an incredible 963 horsepower out of its 6.3-liter V-12 engine. For another, it can reach a top speed of 217 mph. But most importantly, it’s a Ferrari LaFerrari, one of those few cars in the world that can really light up anybody’s Christmas, Santa Claus included.

2013 Local Motors’ Rally Fighter

2013 Local Motors Rally Fighter Exterior
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Going to far flung and sometimes inaccessible places comes with the territory of being Santa Claus. That’s why it’s important for Santa to also have a car that won’t have any problems running smoothly in the off-road. For this instance, we suggest he take Local Motors’ Rally Fighter to help him get to these places.

Mean, menacing, and built to the specifications of an off-road truck with racing credentials, the Rally Fighter will bring Santa anywhere he needs to go that all the other exotics can’t even try putting a wheel on. The integrated roll-cage on the cabin ensures that he’s secure in his seat, and the monstrous 6.2-liter GM LS3 Gen IV crate motor and transmission setup makes for an ideal powertrain for the Rally Fighter. It’s huge and powerful at the same time, all while producing 430 horsepower and 424 pound-feet of torque under its hood, good enough to hit 60 mph in six seconds to go with a top speed of 131 mph.

Hard for Santa to argue against driving the Rally Fighter. On the contrary, he might like it so much he takes it back to the North Pole with him.

2015 BMW i3

2015 BMW i3 High Resolution Exterior
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If Santa needed a people mover that can drive him around town without having to worry about messing up the environment, the BMW i3 is a good option to have. It’s not the fastest nor the most powerful car on this list, but it could very well the car that Santa will make good use of while driving around metropolitan cities of the world.

It’s the most fuel efficient of the list, too, thanks to a hybrid synchronous electric motor that puts out 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. This output pushes the petite hatchback to 62 mph in just 7.2 seconds to go with a top speed of 93 mph.

But the biggest attribute that should make the i3 appealing to Santa is the fact that its motor only takes up 0.13 kWh from its eight-module lithium-ion battery per mile of driving, affording the i3 an everyday driving range of up to 100 miles or even 123 mile when the car’s ECO PRO+ mode is activated.

Charging also take less than 30 minutes on a fast-charge station, faster than it takes for his reindeer to get their own batteries recharged.

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