Anyone ever wonder if Dominic Toretto’s father is really dead?

Eight movies into what has become one of the biggest movie franchises in all of history, the Fast and the Furious has gone through a litany of Hollywood stars in its films. Really, if you think about it, a lot of stars have appeared in any of the eight movies, including debutantes Charlize Theron and Dame Hellen Mirren in The Fate of the Furious. But now that Fast 8 is over, we can start looking forward to the last two chapters of the franchise and think of who among Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars could make for great additions to the F&F family.

Below are a list of five names – okay, it’s really six, but two are put together. These names are Hollywood celebrities who I believe could make for great additions to either of the last two movies that can help the franchise end its incredible and improbable run on the highest of high notes. Granted, none of these names have been confirmed to join any of the two future Fast and Furious movies, but they are names that are famous enough to get people interested and more importantly, they are names that can play important roles in the two upcoming movies, provided of course that Universal Studios goes in any of these directions.

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Forest Whitaker

The franchise has toggled through many villainous archetypes over the course of eight movies. It’s had anywhere from drug lords, cyber terrorists, rogue ex-military types, and all-around douches playing the antagonist role. What it hasn’t explored is doing a story that revolves around an actual world leader who can incite fear into the hearts of Dom Toretto and his crew. For this role, I’m looking at Forest Whitaker to play the role of an African warlord who puts a bounty on the heads of the team for their close connection to Mr. Nobody. This establishes relationships across the board, specifically Kurt Russell, whose own backstory we have yet to really discuss. Imagine Whitaker playing a role close to the one he played in The Last King of Scotland, where he took on the challenge of bringing to life Idi Amin, the former president of Uganda, whose regime was responsible for some the most egregious and violent human rights violations in history.

Ben Affleck/Diego Luna combo

Speaking of villains, wouldn’t Ben Affleck make for a good villain in the Fast and Furious universe? He could play the role of a hired assassin that has been paid by the son of businessman Hernan Reyes, the same villain from Fast Five. The story could be that the son, he can be played by Diego Luna, is out for revenge on Dom’s team for the death of his father and he pays Affleck a handsome amount to take out the team one by one. This story will only get really interesting though if somebody from the team actually dies. Letty is the most obvious choice because she already “died” before and her death – a legitimate one this time – could be the catalyst that turns Dom nuclear. As an aside, Luna could even have a separate bodyguard played by John Cena and we could have a Rock/Cena showdown for Fast Nine.

Channing Tatum

Scott Eastwood wasn’t very memorable in his role as Little Nobody and even if he sticks around, his character is going to be tied down to Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody. That still leaves a Brian O’Connor-sized hole in Dominic Toretto’s team and a good choice to fill that void could be Channing Tatum. The Magic Mike start could be introduced in the film as somebody who Roman Pierce knows from his days as a car thief in Miami, and is one of the only few people in the world who can perform a tricky customization job on a vehicle. Pierce enlists him to help, he creates something for the team, and the team brings him in with them.

Jennifer Lopez

The main cast of the franchise is literally down to two women now that Gisele (Gal Gadot) and Elena (Elsa Patchy) are dead and Mia Toretto (Jordan Brewster) is out of the picture and living the domesticated life with Brian O’Connor (the late Paul Walker). The movie needs an injection of female awesomeness who can handle herself. Eva Mendes could fill that role should the decision be made to bring her character back the studio could go in another direction and introduce Jennifer Lopez to play the role of Luke Hobbs’ estranged wife. Up to know, very little is known about Hobbs’ familial background other than his relationship with daughter Samantha. Having the mother of Samantha come in and be one of the targets of whoever the villain is could put the emotional spotlight on Hobbs and bring the franchise’s “family” ethos full circle.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Now this is a little bit of a stretch because Daniel Day-Lewis is going to be a difficult get, but if he were to join the Fast and Furious family, he could turn the whole franchise universe upside down if he played the role of Dominic Toretto’s father, who apparently isn’t dead yet. A big leap of disbelief, I know, but if the franchise was able to do it with Letty, what’s stopping them from rewriting history to make it so that Dom’s father actually didn’t die in the stock car accident that Dom initially thought happened? I don’t know if the father turns bad, but having him around would add yet another layer of emotion to the franchise that could fully expose Toretto’s vulnerability to his family.

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