One empty city, two out-and-out drift cars… what’s not to like?

Once drifting slid its way out of Japan, it took the whole world by storm and claimed a proper place in the highest circles of motorsport. Yes, we’ve been drooling during a lot of Formula Drift events, not to mention videos of Ken Block’s twist on drifting aka Gymkhana, but sometimes a lot of spectacular content comes from where you’d least expect it.

No, those are not Zenvos

Flankers: Drive In the City - The Best Drifting Video You'll See All Week
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Normally, hearing ‘Russian car video’ would trigger your mind into thinking someone is about to show you an accident caught on tape on Mother Russia’s streets. In this case, the action happens in a car-deprived area of Saint Petersburg and luckily, there are no crashes involved. What you get comes down to four intense minutes of rubber burning and powersliding.

Now, we’ve got some comments to make before you click play. First of all, those cars are not built by Zenvo. According to Autoblog, they’re purpose-built drift cars designed and assembled by Russia’s Evil Empire drift team.

Flankers: Drive In the City - The Best Drifting Video You'll See All Week
- image 916527

What’s more, they’re called Flankers F as homage to the Sukhoi Su-37 fighter jet, which NATO codenamed as Flanker-F, and are underpinned by the Chevy C6 Corvette architecture on which Evil Empire added a lot of carbon-composite body panels.

For power, these things pack 7.3-liter V-8 engines that crank out in the region of 640 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of twist sent to the rear wheels. So it takes a lot of skill and composure to keep them in perfect balance sideways, abilities that drivers Sergei Kabargin and Arkady Tsaregradtsev seem to possess aplenty.

On top of that, this is not the first such stunt brewed by Sergei and Arkady. Here’s the duo drifting in tandem on a winding mountain road.

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