No one can be a fan of Formula One without knowing the name Flavio Briatore. This multi-millionaire has managed two different Formula One racing teams, most recently Renault F1, and has made a fortune in the fashion industry with the Billionaire fashion and sportswear brand. With a net worth of about $200 million, a man like this certainly has a few elaborate vehicles parked somewhere along his mansion, and a Jaguar XJ220 is one of them.

For whatever reason, Briatore has decided to place his Jaguar up for sale on making this the perfect opportunity for a fan to pick up one of the 350 units produced of the vehicle. Up until 1994, the Jaguar XJ220 was the fastest production vehicle, hitting a top speed of 217mph. It is powered by a 3,498cc 24-valve twin turbo V6 engine with 542 HP and is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.8 seconds.

No specific price has been given for this exquisite ride, but back in 1990, it was priced at $600,000 so expect a tag somewhere in that area.


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  (461) posted on 07.12.2011

I guess the price would be lower than $600,000 since it was bought since 1990, But it will depends on the value of the car.

  (580) posted on 06.6.2011

This Italian businessman was a former manager of Two Formula One racing teams (his latest collaboration with Renault F1). I’ve read few news about him. Thats somewhat controversial.

  (714) posted on 06.2.2011

So, are there any reasons why he wanted to sell his Jaguar? I’m sure his fans will start to bid on this one online. Let’s check the figures today.

  (276) posted on 05.17.2011

I really am a bit surprised to find out that Briatore is selling out the XJ. I though he once said that this is one of his favorites in his collection.

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