Rolls-Royce has the flying lady and Toledo, Ohio has the flying bra. Read on to find out how a single bra has caused such a commotion.

Two buddies are driving down the road when suddenly something comes flying right at them! What is it? Rather than running into the UFO, driver James Campbell swerves to avoid it. This turns out to be a bad move as the UFO is actually a bra and Campbell’s emergency maneuver causes his car to flip several times. Both Campbell and his longtime friend Jeff Long sustained injuries in the crash.

That was back in 2006. Now fast forward to 2007 and there has been a flurry of lawsuits and settlement stemming from the accident. Naturally, the girls who released the bra are being sued, but the interesting twist is that Long is suing his buddy Campbell. According to Long, all of his medical bills have not been taken care of and his attorney believes that Campbell is at least partly responsible for the accident. Campbell bears no ill will towards his friend, as he stated, "I don’t take it as he’s suing me. I take it as he’s suing my insurance company. We’ve been friends an awful long time, and for something like this to break up our friendship is ridiculous. He just wants his bills paid."
The girls’ attorneys are taking the position that the two guys were encouraging the girls and that they tried to catch the bra. Both Campbell and Long deny this version of the events.
Stay tuned in 2008 for what will undoubtedly be an exciting conclusion.*
* Please note that if any number of events take place in 2008, say for example a new car is introduced, Top Speed reserves the right to bury this story and never speak of it again.
Photo by The Toledo Blade / Andy Morrison


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