Yes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and while most don’t live up to the expectations of the original, there are those that come close. Bertone’s Alfa Romeo Carabo is one car that has spawned a lot of imitations over the years, but few have come within a mile of living up to the original creation.

Now, some guy, with the help of none other than Chip Foose’s father, Sam Foose, was able to piece together something that resembles the original Carabo without bastardizing the Bertone work of art. This was done only after his attempts of buying the original Bertone were shut down by the design house. The replica is built on a De Tomaso Pantera platform and comes with a 351 Cleveland V8 that’s hooked to a 5-speed transmission. According to the man selling this ride, the car is "too fast to handle" and it has neither a radio nor any semblance of air-conditioning - unless you consider rolling down the windows and letting the wind come in air-conditioning. Combine these facts and you get a car that looks about as intimidating as it is challenging to drive.

Seeing as the original Carabo was said to cost around $200,000 back in 1972, we don’t know how much the seller is willing to accept as a purchase price. He did say that if anyone’s interested they should give him a call at 561-676-5723.


Source: eBay

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  (1332) posted on 05.31.2010

Chip Foose is a hero of automobile industry, it really looks like the genuine carabo.

  (798) posted on 05.30.2010

The original Bertone Alfa Romeo Carabo is really rare and very hard to find. You are lucky enough if you see one of this rollin on the streets.

  (815) posted on 05.27.2010

Looks like a water vehicle. It’s shape is like a speed boat on the road.

  (858) posted on 05.27.2010

I agree on its very uniqueness, but the structure of this car seems to be ugly, and am sorry to say I really don’t like this car because I even don’t see any beauty on it.

  (406) posted on 05.26.2010

So sharp looking car! I bet this baby generates less air drag because of the sharp front end.

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