Foose will unveil at Detroit Motor Show a special edition Ford F-150 pickup (2007 Ford F-150 shown). This follows the recent debut of a similarly conceived Foose Mustang. The Mustang, which is being manufactured at a rate of 80 a month, has been sold out at Ford dealerships.

"I’ve been to the show before, many times of course,” said Foose, in an interview from Foose Design, his company here in this beachside community. “But my role has never been publicly announced. This time it will be."

Foose, the rare customizer actually commissioned by a manufacturer to produce a special edition model to sell at its dealerships, likens himself to others who have put their stamp on cars, like the performance maestro Carroll Shelby, who created the new Ford Shelby GT500, and the Eddie Bauer retail company, which put its name on Ford SUVs.

Source: The Day

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