Add extra rice to your Chevy Corvette C8 with doors that go up and allow you to look silly when getting in and out

Most Lamborghinis have abandoned them, tuners consider them a relic of the ’00s and you’d be hard-pressed to find any modern car they are suited to, yet, for just $3,000, Eikon Motorsports offers to fit scissor doors to your C8 for that obnoxious NFS Underground 2 feel. Sadly, light bars and smoke canons are not included.

It’s only right that the first mid-engined ’Vette should rock scissor doors

For $3,000 You Can Have Lambo Doors Installed on your 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette
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The boys and girls over at GM really thought of everything when transitioning from the front-engined C7 to the rear-mid-engined C8. Or so we thought. The fact of the matter is, they missed one key aspect that most ’80s supercar makers would’ve been crucified over had they forgotten about it. We’re talking, obviously, about scissor doors, the defining Lamborghini gimmick since the days of Gandini’s Countach. Sadly, the doors that go up akin to a reverse-action guillotine have fallen from grace, not surprising considering the first Countach was unveiled 46 years ago.

But not everyone’s bored of one of the most useless yet ubiquitous mod done to just about any sporty coupe and hot hatch throughout the noughties. You too are guilty of fitting scissor doors to cars and thinking they look oh-so-cool on the darkened streets of many a racing video games back in the day. They don’t anymore, however, and even Lamborghini’s flagship model, the venerable Aventador, doesn’t sport the usual scissor doors, instead featuring butterfly doors that go up and slightly outwards.

For $3,000 You Can Have Lambo Doors Installed on your 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette
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You could fit scissor doors to older ’Vettes too, of course, with Vertical Doors or TPS Motorsport offering such kits for your C7. Perhaps they look less out of place on Chevy’s first production mid-engine supercar but they’re still off-putting.

The kit Eikon Motorsport offers is actually manufactured by Vertical Doors and if you want to have Eikon Motorsport swap your boring, standard-opening doors for these flashy ’Lambo doors’, you’ll have to fork out an extra $1,300 over the $2,999 that gets you the kit alone.

If you're down for some DIY work, you should know the kit comprises two gas shocks, the doors themselves, direct 'bolt-on” hinge kit, and mounts to the factory bolt pattern.

Because factory-like mounts are being used, the process of fitting your C8 with scissor doors is fully reversible and, while we know nothing of how this modification affects your warranty, you can already pre-order a kit. It was bound to happen, sadly...

Chevrolet Corvette C8 specifications
Engine LT2, 6.2-liter, n/a V-8, mid-mounted
Power 490 hp, 495 hp w/ the Z51 pack
Torque 465 lb-ft, 470 lb-ft w/ the Z51 pack
Transmission 8-speed DCT
0-60 mph 2.9 s
Top speed 194 mph
Price tag $59,995

Source: Eikon Motorsports

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