As a boy, GM’s former global purchasing czar, Bo Andersson, snatched his neighbor’s cat and sold it for $5 in order to satisfy his sweet tooth. Now Russian carmaker GAZ has snatched Andersson from GM as it moves fast to take full advantage of its planned acquisition of Opel with partners Magna and Russia’s largest lender Sberbank.

GAZ announced on Monday that it has invited Andersson to head its board of directors. "The ex-vice president of GM, Bo Andersson, has expressed his agreement to take the post of the chairman of the board of directors of GAZ," the company said in a statement.

Andersson spent more than two decades at GM after earlier posts at Saab. Most recently, Andersson had been GM’s group vice president for purchasing and supply chain. Andersson’s resignation from GM was a surprise to many. Upon leaving GM, Andersson said in a brief e-mail to a new organization, "I have a new better job where I will work as CEO." At the time Andersson had declined to say exactly where he was headed.

Andersson was an aggressive cost cutter for GM and his knowledge of the GM system will help GAZ get up to speed quickly. GM has since announced that Bob Socia, currently executive vice president of Shanghai General Motors, will be appointed GM vice president, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain.


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  (17) posted on 06.16.2009

Hope foreign experience and financial injections will liven things up for Russian automotive industry. It’s high time, after all smiley

  (318) posted on 06.16.2009

Bo’s decision is wise not only for his professional interest but also for an opportunity to grow in the industry from mere global purchasing officer to a Gaz CEO, who will surely take care the Opel acquisition

  (314) posted on 06.15.2009

Well, maybe Bo was just practical, while GM is under the US viability program, all possible actions wil be restricted or controlled while working with GAs there are surely new and many ways to explore the newly positioned CEO

  (421) posted on 06.15.2009

A little information about the Russian industry giant. GAZ, which once turned out the sober black sedans favored by Soviet bureaucrats, is a sprawling industrial giant that is now in a battered financial state with nearly $1.4 billion in debts. You amy ask, why would Andersson move from another debt ridden company? I don’t know.

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